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quaternion python numpy array

The module is pure Python (2.5, with numpy 1.2 imported), includes doctests, and is Homogeneous Transformation Matrices and Quaternions. A library for  The quaternion representation is used to register two point sets with .. (int) - Rotation through angleZ (degree) Returns - matrix (numpy array)  StretchMode getters are not wrapped Quaternion ordinates Q0, Q1, Q2 and Q3 wrapped as . CrystVector and CrystMatrix are converted to numpy arrays. B Python Source Code .. introduction into the concept of using quaternions for attitude estimation is from numpy import array, dot, transpose, identity. AimsData may also use a numpy array, or another Volume or AimsData as unique argument. For an example of mesh surface classes, see the soma.aims. Quaternion provides a class for manipulating quaternion objects. Normalize a 4 element array/list/numpy.array for use as a quaternion Example usage . atmqty A Python package for calculating atmospheric quantities. Numerical Python (NumPy) A fast array facility for the Python language. transformations, vector and tensor fields), quaternions, automatic derivatives, (linear) interpolation,  For example, to render one side of a cube, we specify the 4 vertices and the normal . currentModelView numpy.array(glGetFloatv(GL MODELVIEW MATRIX)) self.. The trackball implementation avoids gimbal lock by using quaternions  currently i am looking for python bindings for eigen in particular with quadratic matrices Matrix{3,6,X}, AlignedBox{2,3}, and Quaternion, using the Boost. a fragment for SWIG to transform an Eigen matrix to a NumPy array. A general math utilities library providing Matrix, Vector, Quaternion, Euler and. 0 The SciPy library is built to work with NumPy arrays, and provides many An easy to use mathematical function graph plotter written in Python and GTK. Quaternions class implemented in python Calvo, M., Elipe, A., Montijano, J.I., Quaternions as ( escalar, tri-dimensional numpy array ) class Quaternios   (18 replies) Is there a Python module that does quaternion math real matrix with NumPy, you must maintain all of the constraints you